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The DeMatteis Organizations is a one hundred year old, third generation family-owned group of companies with a long history of excellence in Construction, Real Estate Development, and Property Management.  Operating as a vertically integrated, full-service enterprise, with resources and experience covering the full spectrum of construction and real estate development, as well as property management and finance. DeMatteis has sponsored a wide variety of large-scale development projects throughout the world, most of which it built through its wholly owned construction company, Leon D. DeMatteis Construction Corporation.  Drawing on a combined experience of over sixty years, the third generation of leadership has taken the helm of The DeMatteis Organizations with Richard and Scott DeMatteis building and developing the quality product that has become the DeMatteis trademark.  Supporting the DeMatteis principals in the development/construction area is a staff with a wealth of hands-on experience in both the public and private sectors.


Leon D. DeMatteis Construction Corporation (LDDCC), the construction affiliate of The DeMatteis Organizations, is responsible for the construction of all DeMatteis sponsored projects.  With its owner/developer’s eye for detail, DeMatteis provides an invaluable ingredient to successful development by preparing precise budget estimates and reliable project schedules to preserve the reliability of the largest component of a development budget – “the cost of construction.”









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